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“I’ve long recognized the excellent, enlightened, and compassionate care given by the Poydras Home staff. In light of the COVID‐19 pandemic I add two more qualities exhibited by the staff: fortitude and bravery as they continued to provide care at their own personal risk”.

Dr. Michael E. Carey, Husband of a Nursing Resident


“Our family is so grateful for the care Mom gets from the heroes on the front line every day. The Resident Care Attendants and nurses are a critical extension of our family’s care to Mom. Their knowledge and kindness, especially during these COVID‐19 times, means the world to us.”

Barbara Ann Spangenberg, Daughter of an Assisted Living Resident


“When first looking for a residence for dad we were only looking for the best care. The location was a secondary consideration. However, after moving dad into Poydras Home, the convenient location became a huge plus. Being just 15 minutes away from home and 10 minutes away from work gave us so much ease. Plus, it allowed for us to visit and spend time with dad more often than we initially thought possible, including extra visits during lunch. When it was realized that mom also required assistance, she opted to move into Poydras Home too. This helped us have more time together as a family. Even though they had different care needs, each was able to balance independence with closeness. Mom was also very involved in dad’s care with continuous staff updates even while she participated in her own activities. After dad’s passing, mom has been helped through her grieving process by the immediate support group she gained from her relationship to Poydras Home residents and staff.”

Christine Vinson


“What more could a child want for a parent who needs professional nursing care than a loving staff and gracious and serene surroundings? My family was so fortunate. In Poydras Home we found precisely such a place for our dear mother, who had Alzheimer’s disease.”

Peggy Scott Laborde


“While this transition in life is rarely looked forward to, there couldn’t have been a better place than Poydras Home for my mother who had Alzheimer’s. The staff was so helpful and sensitive to all of her needs and as a result she was very contented and happy at Poydras Home. As a physician I have cared for other nursing home residents and I saw that the care my mother received was superior to any other facility I have observed. The medical team was extraordinary and the administration was always available and responsive to all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend this facility and would be happy to answer any questions a family member may have regarding the care that their loved one would receive at Poydras Home.”

Neil H. Baum, MD


“When the decision was made to bring mom from Maryland to New Orleans, it was a big step because she had lived in our family home for almost fifty years. From the instant she arrived at the front door, the staff of Poydras Home was immediately embracing and reassuring not only to mom, but also to me and our family here in the Crescent City, as well. The staff members had just the right touch, knowing when to create a free and relaxed atmosphere, inspiring mom to ‘do her thing.’ For example, many mornings we had a cup of coffee together and were free to just chat and catch up with one another. And without exception, they also never failed to step in when the time came for extra help or a moment of patient communication. Mom’s efforts in various activities were always praised, and she was made to feel very special in so many wonderful and thoughtful ways. Over the five years of her stay at Poydras Home, I thought many times how comforted and relieved my brother and I were, that our mom was cared for with such dignity, human warmth and expertise.”

Rabbi Edward Paul Cohn


“After looking around at most all of the available senior living establishments in and around New Orleans, Poydras Home stood out among all of them. The grounds, the history, the care and especially the people made it an easy choice for our family when having to make a tough choice on where to place a loved one with Alzheimer’s. The people you come in contact with at Poydras Home are the nicest, most loving and understanding people you would ever want to have taking care of your loved one. I think it would be hard to find another facility where a person would be treated with the same grace and dignity. We can honestly say that we love all the caretakers at Poydras Home. This is more than a job to these people. It’s a calling.”

Charles J. Van Horn

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