Naming Opportunities

Poydras Home’s new model of care, The Green House® Project, necessitates new surroundings for our residents on our campus.

The Poydras Home Board of Trustees selected the architecture and design firm of Eskew Dumez Ripple (EDR) to create a physical space that would enable Poydras Home to fully implement the cultural transformation to The Green House Project model. We broke ground in August of 2021 on two new, three-story buildings linked by a majestic glass atrium that will serve as the entryway for six separate homes, one on each floor. Each home will house a cluster of spacious private bedrooms, each with an en suite bathroom, nestled around shared common spaces, including a living room, kitchen, dining room, porches and balconies.

One of the most inclusive transformations to the heart of Poydras Home will be the development of a Center for Healthy Living. EDR has designed a complete renovation of our Historic House with amenities shared by all. Poydras Home’s new Center for Healthy Living is where our residents will thrive. This new space will house a therapy gym, a yoga studio, a library, a meditative space, an expanded salon and spa, and a multipurpose space for programming and education will create an atmosphere in which all the residents of Poydras Home can nurture their passions.


Be a lasting part of Poydras Home’s transformation!


The addition of two, new, three-story buildings to our scenic, three-acre campus leads Poydras Home forward to do what it does best – provide the highest possible quality of care and innovative programming that allow residents to live elevated lives within a beautiful, historic setting.

The Philanthropy Department presents 40+ exterior and interior naming opportunities for gifts that will keep on giving. From beautiful gardens and tree groves, inviting porch and patio settings, including the historic Jefferson Avenue porch, overlooking a fire pit patio, to life inspiring interior spaces, residents will have elevated experiences through artful living and learning, worthy wellness, meaningful life, a “real” home environment, and aging in place with spirit and grace.

Philanthropy looks forward to discovering a gift that is especially meaningful to you, your loved one, your family, or the organizations you serve. Explore with us Poydras Home Reimagined and be a part of our transformation! For more information about Poydras Home Reimagined gifts and naming opportunities, please contact Director of Marketing and Development Jennifer Brammell at [email protected] or call 504-897-0535.

Exterior Naming Gifts

  • Planters & Statuary (3 available) $1,000
  • Patio Chairs (8 available) $1,500
  • Tribute Trees (4 available) $2,000
  • Garden Benches (8 available) $4,000
  • Table & Chair Sets (4 available) $5,000
  • Gardens (3 available) $6,000
  • Water Feature $7,000
  • Lighting (2 available) $10,000
  • Walkways (3 available) $15,000
  • Activity Garden $15,000
  • Green House Porches (2 available) $20,000
  • Fire Pit Patio $25,000
  • Live Oak $10,000 (Reserved)

Interior Naming Gifts

  • Art TVs (2 available) $1,500
  • Home Hearths (6 available) $5,000
  • Dens (6 available) $10,000
  • 1857 Hall Pub $10,000 (Reserved)
  • Library $10,000 (Reserved)
  • Yoga Studio $15,000
  • Meditation Room $15,000
  • Creative/Education Center $15,000 (Reserved)
  • Therapy Room $20,000
  • Fitness Center $20,000 (Reserved)
  • Spa Salon $20,000
  • Café $20,000 (Reserved)
  • Glass Concourse/Breezeways (2 available) $20,000
  • Green House Main Lobby $50,000
  • Triptych Mural $75,000 (Reserved)

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