Annual Appeal

Your donation to Poydras Home’s 2023 Annual Appeal: Our Transformation into Poydras Home Reimagined will help Poydras Home to enthusiastically embrace tomorrow. Every gift, large or small, matters!

If you prefer to mail your donation in the form of a check, please make your check out to Poydras Home and mail to:

Jennifer Brammell
Director of Marketing and Development
Poydras Home Philanthropy Department
5354 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

Poydras Home 2023 Annual Appeal: Our Transformation into Poydras Home Reimagined

Annual Appeal

The 1817 Founders Circle for 2023

  • Gail and Nick Asprodites
  • Bettye and Mike Bagot
  • Gary Gillis Baker
    • In Honor of James Churchill
  • Tracey Banowetz
    • The Family of Joyce Post In Honor of the Poydras Home staff
  • Julie F. Breitmeyer
  • Suzanne Butler and Mark Klyza
  • Vincent Caracci
    • In Honor of Gina Caracci
  • Nellie and James Churchill
  • Wendy and Joe Dalovisio
  • Celia Davis
  • Donahue Favret Contractors
  • Vaughn and Doug Downing
    • In Memory of Carl Seldon Downing and Charlotte Wilbourn Carriere
  • Catherine and David Edwards
    • In Memory of Patricia Rosamond
  • Yvonne and Oscar Gwin
    • In Memory of Elaine S. Gwin
  • Delia Lane Hardie
  • Lesley and Charles Hardin
  • Claire and Larry Jacobi
    • In Memory of Larry Robert 
  • Mrs. E. Sorrell Lanier
  • Janis Gissel Letourneau, MD
  • Marion and David Lifsey
    • In Memory of Ewell P. Walther, Jr.
  • Blanche “Dee” McCloskey
  • Dianne McGraw
  • Edward D. Moise
  • Dr. and Mrs. Kristin and Brian Moore
  • Gwynne and Sean Moser
  • Andreé K. Moss
  • Claire and Chip Porter
  • Charlie and Kirk Reasonover
  • Elizabeth and John Ryan
  • Anne and Robert Swayze
  • Suzanne Thomas
  • Martha Treen
  • Sarah Weden
  • Elizabeth and Gordon Wogan

2023 Annual Appeal

  • Brian Allee-Walsh
  • Wendy and Thomas Baron
  • John A. Bolles
  • Bridget and Robert Bories
  • Virginia & J.G. Brazil
    • In Memory of Louise Hoehn Hogan
  • Anne S. Buescher
  • Cathy and Andy Burka
  • Michael E. Carey, MD
  • Jane Casbarian
    • In Memory of G. Eleanor Mundt
  • Beth Colon
    • In Honor of Mary Olson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Valeton Dansereau
    • In Memory of Anna Degan D’Amico
  • Betty Decell
  • Marguerite Demarest
    • In Memory of J.D. Demarest
  • Michele Diboll
    • In Honor of Joanna Diboll
  • Milena and David Duplantier
    • In Memory of Hilton Duplantier
  • Eugenia Elliott
  • Anne Fabian
    • In Memory of JoAnn Suarez
  • Ezra Feldman
  • Claudia C. Fenner
    • In Honor of Carroll Dabezies
  • Carla H. Fishman
  • Susan Freyder
    • In Memory of Marjorie Bradley
  • Margaret Freyder
    • In Memory of Marjorie Bradley
  • Marion and Lloyd Giardina
    • In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Potter
  • Claire and Derby Gisclair
  • Mr. and Mrs. John B. Gooch, Jr.
    • In Memory of Clarisse Galatoire Gooch
  • Beth and John Green
    • In Memory of Cynthia Peneguy-Courturier
  • Mary Lynn Gutknecht
    • In Memory of Lena Gutknecht
  • Oscar M. Gwin, III
    • In Memory of Mrs. Yvonne B. Collier
  • Dolores C. Hall
  • Laurie S. Hienz
    • In Honor of Col. & Mrs. AB Sutton and In Memory of Mike Hienz
  • Helen B. Howcott
  • Marcia W. Jahncke
  • Ronald A. Johnson
    • In Memory of Leone Adams Johnson
  • Hans A.B. Jonassen
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Jones
  • Sally and Jay Lapeyre
  • Jo Lawton
  • Mrs. J. Dwight LeBlanc, Jr.
    • In Memory of Dorothy Janssel
  • Helene C. Lopez
    • In Memory of Dr. Alfredo Lopez and Micheline Lacoste Wicks
  • Cynthia Lynch
    • In Memory of Olga M. Fritch and Dorothy M. Majoue
  • Charles B. Maginnis, IV
    • In Memory of Gladys Coiron Maginnis
  • Maria Martinez McDougal
    • In Memory of Elsie B. Martinez
  • Becky and Tommy McGoey
  • Kim D. Montague
  • Edith H. Mossy
  • Randy Opotowsky
    • In Memory of Gloria Opotowsky
  • Catherine Otto
  • Cynthia Louise Pazos
    • In Memory of Frank J. Pazos, Jr.
  • Kathy and Lee Randall
  • Isabel and Moye Sanders
  • Margie and Milton G. Scheuermann, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Schleiff
    • In Memory of Jane Bories
  • Leslee Shapiro
  • Barbara P. Sizemore
  • Sarah T. Smith
  • Maureen Stein MD and John L. Weil
  • William Howard Thompson
    • In Memory of Phyllis H. Thompson
  • Jamie and Wat Van Benthuysen
    • In Memory of Mrs. James Guy Mallory, Jr.
  • Laurie Tranchina Waggener
    • In Memory of Betty and Butty Tranchina
  • Stevia Walther
  • Charles L. Whited, Jr.
    • In Memory of Dr. William E. Franklin
  • Carolyn and John Wogan
    • In Honor of Ella Flower
  • Julie Woolfolk
  • Alice and William Wright
  • Jackie and Richard Yancey
    • In Honor of Jackie Ryan

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There are many meaningful ways to support Poydras Home's mission to provide exceptional care.
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There are plentiful naming opportunities for our generous supporters to consider as we transform our campus with the Poydras Home Reimagined project.
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Our Annual Holiday Tree Lighting & Music Festival held at the onset of the holiday season is Poydras Home’s hallmark fundraiser.

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