Annual Appeal

Poydras Home 2020 Annual Appeal: Heroes to the Heart

What we do is not possible without you! Give your heartfelt thanks today.

When COVID‐19 reached New Orleans, our Poydras Home caregivers were ready to assist quickly. All of our caregivers have gone above and beyond to provide quality, compassionate care to our residents during this difficult time. From continuously implementing recommended safety protocols to keeping residents connected to family through FaceTime chats to organizing one-on-one activities, our staff is a source of joy for our residents.

Recognizing the unprecedented challenges faced by Poydras Home caregivers and the critical role they served in ensuring the safety and resilience of our residents, Poydras Home heartfully dedicated our 2020 Annual Appeal to supporting our healthcare heroes and Poydras Home’s COVID‐19 response. Your donations furthered supportive initiatives for our team. Thank you for giving your heartfelt thanks!

“Our caregivers are making untold sacrifices to meet this challenge unlike any other in our lifetimes. Poydras’ resilient team of healthcare heroes continues to demonstrate strength beyond measure to ensure the health and safety of our residents.”

Erin Kolb, CEO of Poydras Home


“I continue to be inspired by the dedication and selfless commitment of the staff of Poydras Home to the overall wellbeing of all of our residents. The adaption to frequently changing rules and guidance in a rapidly evolving situation has revealed a real strength of the entire team at Poydras Home.”

Becky McGoey, 2020 President, Poydras Home Board of Trustees


“Our family is so grateful for the care Mom gets from the heroes on the front line every day. The Resident Care Attendants and nurses are a critical extension of our family’s care to Mom. Their knowledge and kindness, especially during these COVID‐19 times, means the world to us.”

Barbara Ann Spangenberg, Daughter of an Assisted Living Resident


“I’ve long recognized the excellent, enlightened, and compassionate care given by the Poydras Home staff. In light of the COVID‐19 pandemic I add two more qualities exhibited by the staff: fortitude and bravery as they continued to provide care at their own personal risk”.

Dr. Michael E. Carey, Husband of a Nursing Resident

Heroes to the Heart Campaign

Annual Appeal gifts were made during the Covid 19 pandemic year in honor of the Poydras Home Caregiver Heroes.

2020 Endowment

  • Mr. and Mrs. David Leeds Eustis

200th Birthday Koi Pond Memorial Garden

  • A Memorial for our Mother, Betty D’Amour
  • Gene and Teri

2020 Grants

  • The Buccaneer Fund
  • Henderson Poor Fund
  • Luther and Zita Templeman Foundation
  • Thoth Charities, LLC

The 1817 Founders Circle for 2020

  • A Friend of Poydras
  • Bettye and Mike Bagot
  • Wendy and Thomas Beron
  • Pamela Bonura
    • In Memory of Pamela R. Bonura
  • Bridget and Robert Bories
  • Jane Bories Family
  • Linda and Alan Brackett
    • In Memory of Lottie Youngblood Eckles
  • Julie F. Breitmeyer
  • Anne and Frank Buescher
  • Suzanne Butler and Mark Klyza
  • The Caracci Family
    • In Honor of Gina M. Caracci
  • Dr. Michael E. Carey
  • The Cromiller Family
  • Mrs. W. Eugene Davis
  • Vaughn and Doug Downing
  • The Drumm Family
    • In Honor of Yvonne Drumm
  • Catherine and David Edwards
  • Wynne P. Friedrichs
    • In Memory of Elizabeth Reid Friedrichs
  • Claire and Derby Gisclair
    • In Memory of Maurice J. Picheloup, III
  • Delia Lane Hardie
    • In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hardie
  • Lesley and Charles Hardin
    • In Memory of Carroll and Tom Fromherz
  • Claire and Larry Jacobi
  • Betty Lou and Lansing Kolb
  • Wilfred M. Kullman
  • Elly and Merritt Lane
  • Sally and James Lapeyre
  • Sydney Touchstone Lawder
  • Janis Gissell Letourneau, MD
    • In Memory of Jeanne and John Gissel
  • Marion and David Lifsey
    • In Honor of Stevia Walther, Past Board President
  • Kay and Marc Livaudais
  • Cecile Many, MD
    • In Memory of Anne S. Laird
  • Mr. and Mrs. C. James McCarthy, III
  • Blanche “Dee” McCloskey
  • Becky and Tommy McGoey
  • Janetanne and Arthur Mears
  • Gwynne R. Moser
  • Andree Keil Moss
  • Dr. Bert Myers & Family
  • Deborah Novosel and Deanne Ricca
    • In Memory of Audrey Preston
  • Oak Point Fresh Market Central
    • In Honor of Mrs. Willie Sumich
  • Claire M. Porter
  • Reily Foundation/ Lynn and Charles C. Smith, III Fund
  • John K. Saer
  • Katherine and Robert Saer
    • In Memory of Teetsie Van Horn
  • Peggy and Henry Schleiff
  • Lolita and Ernie Sims
  • Brenda S. Smith and Craig Tolbert
  • The Sumich Family
  • Jen and Beau Thomas
    • In Honor of Charlotte H. Thomas
    • In Memory of Charlotte J. Habliston
  • Suzanne and Robert Thomas
  • Martha T. Treen and Family
  • Ann T. Trufant
  • Nancy Turner
    • In Memory of William K. Turner
  • Micheline and Fred VanDenburgh
    • In Honor of Quack Avegno
  • The Vinson Family
  • Elizabeth and Gordon Wogan
    • In Memory of Margaret F. Hicks

2020 Annual Appeal

  • Mimi and Hirschel Abbott
  • Charlotte and Andy Adams
  • Mary Lunn Gutknecht and John Allen
    • In Memory of Lean Gutknecht
  • Dorothy P. Baessler
  • Becky P. Boone
    • In Memory of June Pixler
  • Kerri and John Bowen
  • Virginia and J.G. Brazil
    • In Memory of Louise Hoehn Hogan
  • Ashley and Edgar Bright
    • In Memory of Pepper Bright
  • Leah Wilkinson-Brockway
  • Bonnie Broome
    • In Honor of Joan Hunt
  • Kathryn Lichtenberg and Joe Bucher
  • Kelly Ryan and Jeff Bucher
  • The Burka Family
    • In Honor of Ann Burka and her Friends
  • Brett Catlin
  • Kay and John Colbert
  • Constance W. Dahlberg
  • Bonnie D. Dansereau
    • In Memory of Anna Degan D’Amico
  • Jane Auzine Davis
  • Betty DeCell
  • Milena and David Duplantier
  • Marigny Dupuy
  • Anne S. Fabian
  • Norris L. Fant
    • In Memory of Daisy B. Fant
  • Ann Faulk
  • Carla H. Fishman
  • Paul Flower
  • Susan B. Freyder
    • In Memory of Marjorie Bradley
  • Jerome Friedrichs
    • In Memory of Elizabeth Reid Friedrichs
  • Marian and Lloyd F. Giardina
  • Al Gooch
    • In Memory of Clarisse Galatoire Gooch
  • Mr. and Mrs. John B. Gooch, Jr.
    • In Memory of Clarisse Galatoire Gooch
  • Beth and John Green
    • In Memory of Cynthia Peneguy Courturier
  • Oscar M. Gwin, III
  • Ashton R. Hardy
    • In Memory of Alice B. Hardy
  • Ashley Harris
  • Beth and Bobby Hassinger
  • Laurie Hienz
  • Anne Schell Hopkins
    • In Memory of Marie Schell
  • Susan M. Howick
  • Ronald A. Johnson
    • In Memory of Leone A. Johnson
  • Pierce and Hans Jonassen
  • George Kelly
  • Mary Kay Kelly
  • Julia Kerr
    • In Honor of Chef Keith Faulkner
  • Dorothy Lachenmaier
  • Judith Lafitte
    • In Memory of Butty Tranchina
  • Martha and John Landrum
  • Mary Lucy and David Lane
  • Sally and James Lapeyre
  • Judy Lastrapes
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Dwight LeBlanc
    • In Memory of Dorothy G. Janssen
  • Pam Ledet
    • In Memory of Jeanne Quaid and Mabel Withrow
  • Irene F. Levinson
  • Charles B. Maginnis, IV
  • Suzanne N. Mague
    • In Honor of Ruth Olivera
  • Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley
    • In Memory of Carolyn Malek
  • Rosalyn and Fritz Martty
  • Deborah Mooney
  • The Muller Family
  • Sonia M. Muller
    • In Memory of Donald C. Muller
  • Linda Newton
    • In Memory of Gene Newton
  • Ernest L. O’Bannon
  • Ruth R. Olivera
    • In Honor of Deborah Deaton, Becky Oliver and Marina Molina
  • Katherine Sanders Parsons
    • In Memory of Baldwin Sanders Smith
  • Cynthia Pazos and J.C. Kuttruff
  • Alice and Alex Rainold
  • Kathryn E. Rapier
  • Henrietta Talbot Rash
  • Barbara Reiss
  • George-Ann Reynolds
    • In Memory of Betsy Ewing
    • In Memory of Cyril Y. Bowers, MD
  • Carol and John Roberts
  • Anne Soule Robinson
  • DeeDee and Allen Roussel
  • Laurie St. Paul
  • Shelby and John Saer, Jr.
  • Isabel and Moye Sanders
    • In Memory of Baldwin Sanders Smith
  • Sherri Schaeffer
  • Mrs. Milton G. Scheuermann
  • Mrs. Etheldra S. Scoggin
    • In Memory of Baldwin Sanders Smith
  • Ms. Gene Shapiro and Mr. William Murray
    • In Honor of Nanette Shapiro
  • Leslee N. Shapiro
    • In Honor of Nanette Shapiro
  • Laura and Sonny Shields
  • John Sims
  • Barbara Spangenberg
    • In Honor of the Oak House Staff
  • Josephine H. Spencer
  • Jan Sutton
  • Theard Terrebonne
  • Howard Thompson
  • Glenda B. Thorne
  • Peter B. Tompkins
    • In Memory of Jean F. Tompkins
  • Jamie and Wat Van Benthuysen
    • In Memory of Mrs. James G. Mallory, Jr.
  • Katherine Ann Wakefield
    • In Memory of Katherine V. Wakefield
  • Stevia M. Walther
    • In Honor of Marion Walther Lifsey
  • Elfriede Westbrook
  • Julie W. Woolfolk
  • Alice and Bill Wright
  • XPRESS Ray, Inc.
  • Jackie and Richard Yancey
    • In Honor of Jackie Ryan

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